Why you might be seeing spring blossoms in October

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) – Lilacs and apple blossoms in October? Recent warm weather has some trees across our area confused about what season it is.

Several of you sent in pictures of your trees blossoming when they shouldn’t be.

Forestry expert Ali Kosiba says warm temperatures have tricked a few trees into thinking it’s spring or summer. Kosiba says it doesn’t necessarily spell trouble long-term, but is still concerning, and sets the trees back. Fall blossoms use up some of the energy a plant has stored away from the summer that it would normally use next spring.

“It can really deplete those reserves of sugars that they rely on when it’s droughty, to leaf out in the spring, to produce flowers and to produce seed when it’s appropriate.” said Kosiba, a University of Vermont Forestry professor.

Kosiba says lilacs and apples aren’t native to Vermont, and she isn’t aware of any native plants that are blossoming out of season.

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