Vermont author’s new book on eugenics reveals details, VT examples

The U.S. participation in eugenics – the pseudoscientific field predicated on the belief that humanity’s gene pool can be improved through selective breeding – remains opaque almost 100 years after the movement’s devastating heyday in pre-World War II era America.

Even Vermont, which boasts some of the most extensive records on the eugenics movement in the country and is one of the few states that has formally apologized for its participation, still has gaps to fill.

A new history book, released in Septmeber, provides a broader insight into Vermont’s sordid past, dispelling many misconceptions residents may have about the scope and origins of eugenical practices in the Green Mountain State.

Historian Mercedes de Guardiola holds her new book "Vermont for the Vermonters: The History of Eugenics in the Green Mountain State." The cover depicts an example of a family pedigree chart, a pseudoscientific tool eugenicists utilized to determine the "degenerative" traits in a family's bloodline.

The book, aptly titled “Vermonters for the Vermonters”: The History of Eugenics in the Green Mountain State, was written by historian Mercedes de Guardiola, whose testimonies in front of the state Legislature helped pave the way for a formal apology from lawmakers in 2021. De Guardiola’s award-winning undergraduate research at Dartmouth College forms the book’s foundation.

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