Toddler Found Roaming Streets Of Los Angeles

INCIDENT DATE/TIME: 4:10 am / 10-10-23
LOCATION:5th St and S Burlington Ave
CITY:Los Angeles (Westlake)

  1. LAPD got a call of a toddler about 2 years old wandering the streets near the intersection of 5th St and S Burlington around 4:10 am.
  2. The toddler thankfully was found by two good samaritans that were exiting an apartment building on their way to work and called 911.
  3. LAPD arrived and tried to console the crying baby one of the officers even put on a cartoon on his phone to try to entertain her while backup arrived.
  4. LAPD rampart is currently investigating where the toddler came from.
  5. LAPD transported the toddler to the station and has requested LAFD to check the toddler out at Rampart station.

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