Man accused of impersonating firefighter at scene of crash in Graham, police say

Pedro Virola Jr. (Graham Police Department)

GRAHAM, N.C. (WGHP) — A man has been charged for allegedly impersonating a firefighter, according to police.

Graham Police Department says they on Oct. 6 around 9 a.m., a sergeant was driving in Burlington and noticed a vehicle driving recklessly that had red strobe lights. The vehicle was speeding and passing cars in heavy traffic and they initiated a traffic stop, calling in Burlington Police Department for assistance.

Pedro Virola Jr. was identified as the driver of the car. He was not associated with any fire department and police say he was driving with a suspended license while wearing a green traffic vest and a “Fire Department-style ball cap.” He had a first responder tag on his vehicle that police say was handmade and not issued by any department.

Virola was charged with unlawful use of a red light, careless and reckless driving and driving while license revoked.

His picture was circulated around local police departments and fire departments and investigators discovered another offense had happened in the city limits of Graham. Officers say that Virola stopped at a crash scene on Oct. 4 and identified himself as a firefighter.

Virola was charged with impersonating a firefighter and another count of unlawful use of a red light.

Anyone with any information about Virola is asked to call Graham Police Department.

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