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Black Hills Energy will pass along savings to customers by lowering the quarterly gas cost adjustment (GCA) starting on Oct. 1.

The lower rate was approved today by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission and will be reflected on customers’ natural gas bills in the “Energy Charge” section of the bill. The GCA will remain in effect for the next three months.

With the lower GCA, customers’ natural gas bills are estimated to go down between 6% and 29% per month.

Prices will vary by regional rate area due to such factors as upstream provider costs, delivery costs, taxes and other associated charges or adjustments.

The price of natural gas itself is known as a “pass through cost,” meaning customers are charged the actual costs of natural gas and nothing more.

Black Hills Energy does not make any money on natural gas costs.

While GCA rates are decreasing, Black Hills Energy is advising that weather-related usage and other factors could lead to higher energy bills this winter.

To help save energy and manage bills, Black Hills Energy is offering energy savings tips and customer resources including extended payment arrangements, budget billing and payment assistance.

Please visit Assistance programs | Black Hills Energy for more information.

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